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Welcome to Trenearla Blackface. You are very welcome to this website outlining our family sheep breeding business. My name is Michael Ketch.

Our farm is located at Kilrossanty and Stradbally in Co Waterford. Trenearla is the hill section of our farm rising to 1900ft. It makes up part of the Comeragh Mountain Range. Grazing is predominantly heather, One thousand Lanark (or South Type) Scotch Blackface Ewes are run for the production of quality Lanark and mule breeding stock.

Trenearla Blackface Stock Sales

Lanark stock produced on the farm for sale each year includes shearling rams, ram lambs, stock rams, five year old ewes, younger ewes, hogget ewes, ewe lambs and mule ewe lambs. All are reared on our farm and are fully vaccinated, dosed and dipped etc at time of sale.

Three generations of our family have farmed hill sheep on this farm and one of our ambitions was always to improve and develop the flock

Lanark sheep were introduced in the mid nineties and have proven to be extremely vigorous and prolific, producing in excess of 1.5 lambs per ewe annually. The ewes are easy to maintain and are superb mothers. Male lambs are sold from September to Christmas at forty five kgs plus. Lanark ewes on the farm also produce premium mule ewe lambs crossed on selected blue Leicester sires.

The selection of sires is very important on the farm. The principal features we look for in our sheep are character, size, conformation, vigour, coat and muscle.

All progeny are recorded and now with the aid of a computerised programme, giving easier access to our records and the involvement with Sheep Ireland it will be easier to identify the best performing sires and dams and their offspring.

Feel free to contact us, we value your calls.

For an opportunity to purchase good stock at a sensible price call into our on farm auction in September. You will be guaranteed a warm welcome and a good day out.

Trenearla Blackface Sheep

The Blackface epitomises the mountain sheep. They have a good coat that shields them from moisture and biting winds. They are able to survive the harshest winters in the most extreme parts of Ireland. Blackface lambs yield a carcass ideal for the modern consumer. The meat is free of superfluous fat and waste and is known the world over for its distinct flavour.

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The Farm


Tranearla is the hill section of our farm, rising up to 1900 feet. Grazing is predominantly heather, it makes up part of the Comeragh Mountain Range.


Our Stock

One thousand Lanark (or South Type) Scotch Blackface Ewes are run for the production of quality lanark and mule breeding stock. Our on-farm auction takes place in September of each year.


The Flock

Why choose Trenearla?

In Scotland, Lanark sheep have fast become the dominant Scotch blackface breed and are the choice on most hill sheep farms. Also in Northern Ireland the breed has become increasingly popular. Our business continues to promote the breed in Ireland

  • Extremely vigorous and prolific
  • High Lamb / Ewe ratio
  • Easy maintainance
  • Traceable bloodlines


Our Upcoming Sales

Next Sale 11th September 2021

Our 19th annual on-farm auction takes place on 11th September 2021, starting 2.30pm sharp.

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Our Contact Info

Email: info@Trenearla-blackface.com


Phone: +353 (0)872 529 701


Mail: Millerstown, Stradbally, Co. Waterford..


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